Sunday, August 21, 2011

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I'll begin. I've written quite a bit for other people. This is my first venture into the purely self-indulgent. Just the idea of that makes my toes curl! I've named this blog as I have because if you read this and think it's a waste of time, then........never mind. I have colorful stories to tell, unique experiences, a family tree that looks like it's been struck by lightning, and, like everyone breathing, opinions about things. So, I think this is going to be rather like having a cocktail - or two- with a friend where you both opine, ramble, and reminisce. Except I'll be doing most of the talking......
My mother is a Holocaust survivor who went on to be a Vegas showgirl. My father was one of the contractors who helped build the city. I belonged to a family (read cult) in the 60s. I was a hippie. I lived in Hollywood in the 60s and saw the Doors play at the Whiskey and got to know quite a few of the renowned groupies of the time. I have the Cinderella story of all adoption stories. I am a runaway bride......and my ex married my sister. I went to the Vatican and held up a shot glass to be blessed by the Pope for my friend, Robert.
But wait! There's more! Some if will have to wait until certain people are dead.....but there's plenty to write in the meantime. And it will all be revealed as I go. Rambling. Remembering. Blah, blah blah.... and finally being able to tell all the friends and acquaintances who have told me that I should write a book that I don't feel like being particularly linear or chronologically accurate but I do have a blog! I'll be back.....


  1. Waiting with sheer anticipation to read more about your journey and adventures! I'm gonna belly up to the bar and order a nice tequila, this is gonna get good!

  2. Can't wait to read more, already a phenominal start